Solids & Sleep Masterclass

Solids & Sleep Masterclass

Anxious about Never Sleeping Again Yet Your Baby Hasn’t Even Arrived?
Struggling with Sleep Deprivation since Bringing your Newborn Home?

Your Journey to Restful Nights Starts Here...

Are you caught in the relentless cycle of sleep deprivation, with every night feeling like an uphill battle of constant wakings?

The struggle is real, and if you’re nodding in anxiety of what’s to come or in tired agreement, you’re not alone. Exhausted parents, like you, are seeking a solution to transform their nights and bring peace and joy back into their lives. These common challenges can leave you feeling exhausted, drained, and begging for a breakthrough.

I’m Kayla Squier, your number-one cheerleader in the sleep department – a triple-certified sleep consultant and a registered nurse with a decade of experience. Let me share a heartfelt accomplishment: through 1:1 experiences I have countless success stories, plus 107 heartfelt five-star reviews on Google.

I understand the exhaustion from the relentless wakings every 1-2 hours – it’s a struggle. But, don’t lose hope!

My Sleep Shaping Masterclass can be your guiding light to improving your exhaustion from sleep struggles. Helping parents build a healthy sleep foundation for their babies and supporting the health of their family unit.

I vividly recall the sleepless nights and bedtime battle of trying to get my newborn to sleep in 2020. It was during this time that I encountered my own struggles from sleep deprivation, being hit with postpartum depression and anxiety, all while navigating life as a new mom during the global pandemic, and the cherry on top was my son’s reflux. But here’s where the story takes a positive turn…

I realized that quality sleep shapes how we show up in the world, it’s not a luxury but a necessity. I knew I couldn’t show up as my best self or find joy in parenting with exhausted eyes, brain fog, and irritability from broken sleep. So I immersed myself in the world of sleep education, earning triple certifications, including one as a newborn care specialist. Armed with infant sleep knowledge, hands on experience, and a fiery passion to help others, I crafted Serenity Sleep Consulting in 2021.

The strategies and tools I developed didn’t just work for my clients; they were born out of my own experience. That ‘aha’ moment, realizing that a proactive approach to sleep could make a profound impact, fuelled my drive to share these insights with parents worldwide.

Sleep deprivation doesn’t impact one parent, it affects each family member.

Parents facing bedtime battles, especially healthcare professionals or those returning to demanding jobs, have a greater need to improve their sleep quality. Research proves sporadic sleep will impact our reaction time, productivity, and critical thinking.

Imagine better naps, harmonious bedtime routines, and longer stretches of sleep – possibly happening when your newborn is just 8 weeks old. You can say goodbye to exhaustion and embrace the soul-soothing joy of a well-rested family. Sign up for the Sleep Shaping Masterclass – your first strategy for transforming your baby’s sleep.

After This MasterClass You Will Have:

✨ Easier Naps and Bedtime Routines: Finding joy in your days and nights with less battles surrounding your little one’s sleep routine.

✨ Longer Stretches of Sleep: Picture your baby sleeping soundly, allowing you to enjoy longer stretches of undisturbed rest. With my proven strategies, some parents see 7-9 hour stretches at just 8 weeks.

✨ Foundation for Lifelong Healthy Sleep Habits: The Sleep Shaping Masterclass isn’t just a temporary fix; it’s a foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits. Set your baby on a path to sound sleep, ensuring lasting benefits beyond the early months for their growth and development.

✨ Time Freedom for Self-Care: Reclaim precious moments for self-care while your baby achieves the sleep they need, positively impacting your mood and mental health. Whether it’s reading a book, enjoying quiet time, visiting with a friend, or pursuing a hobby, the gift of time freedom becomes a reality.

✨ Strengthened Family Bonds: A well-rested family is a connected family. Imagine the joy of spending quality time with your partner, strengthening your bond, and creating cherished memories.

Worried if this will work for your baby?

Here’s the soulful truth – when parents consistently weave these tools and strategies into their lives, they report a transformation in the sleep department for both baby and parents. It takes time and commitment, but the proof is visible in countless reviews and positive feedback. I’ve personally developed this process with my own babies, navigating silent reflux, and witnessed the positive impacts Sleep Shaping provided to my babies and our entire family unit.

The strategies and tools presented in the Sleep Shaping Masterclass have been consistently effective for parents worldwide. When embraced with commitment, they report positive transformations in both baby and parents’ sleep experiences. Sleep isn’t a one-size-fits-all which is why I educate parents to tune in and find their baby’s golden wake windows to meet and support their individual sleep needs.

“I’m not sure I can commit the time.” — We understand the demands of parenthood. That’s why the masterclass is designed with flexibility in mind. You can progress at your own pace, allowing you to integrate the strategies seamlessly into your routine. Investing time now in the Sleep Shaping Masterclass means saving countless hours of sleep struggles in the long run.

“How is this different from other classes or courses?” — The Sleep Shaping Masterclass isn’t just another method; it’s the foundation to being proactive in the sleep department, born from personal experience and professional expertise. It goes beyond generic advice, offering strategies in the newborn phase that will meet your baby’s needs and create rhythm to your days. This isn’t a quick fix; it’s a transformative journey that takes time but does work with a consistent approach. Remember progress over perfection.

Sleep Shaping Masterclass: Your Comprehensive Guide to Tranquil Nights

Proactive Sleep Tools and Techniques: No more waiting until the 4-month mark for sleep training. My masterclass equips you with proactive sleep tools and techniques to support your baby’s natural ability to fall asleep. These aren’t just tools; they’re the keys to unlocking longer stretches of sleep for your little one. Each strategy and concept is designed to integrate into the newborn stage, fostering a foundation for lifelong healthy sleep habits.

Guided Implementation Plan: Navigate the sleep-shaping journey with confidence. Our guided wake windows every few weeks will help to ensure you are on the right path to figuring out your newborns baseline wake windows, the key to their sleep success.

Sleep Education: Empower yourself with knowledge. Sleep Shaping Masterclass provides sleep education and a comprehensive understanding of the science behind baby sleep.

Heartwarming Successes From Happy Parents:

When parents, like you and me, experience the transformation of sleep for our babies, it’s life-changing! A well-rested family becomes a thriving family. Quality sleep positively impacts our mood, fine-tunes mental health, and supports our physical well-being. We can joyfully show up in our parenting journey, free from exhaustion and drained feelings that breed resentment, guilt, and frustration.

You’re One Click Away To Restful Nights & Joyful Days:

Ready to transform your nights? Join the Sleep Shaping Masterclass, and let’s begin to boost your family’s sleep health together. Invest in the Sleep Shaping Masterclass today – because, honestly, you and your family deserve to thrive and an uninterrupted night’s sleep is every family’s key to success. Wishing you serene nights and joyful days!
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