Sleep Shaping Master Class – The Fundamentals of Newborn Sleep

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About This Course

You’re one step closer to transforming sleepless nights into better quality sleep for your family with the Sleep Shaping Masterclass. Kayla Squier, a registered nurse, triple-certified sleep consultant, and mother of two, extends a lifeline for families to improve each family members sleep. This virtual session is not just a course; it’s a profound journey that helps lessen frustration and paves the way to serene nights and joyful days.

Course Overview:

The Sleep Shaping Masterclass provides transformative strategies that resonate with your deepest struggles, turning them into stepping stones for both you and your baby to achieve better nights sleep. Topics You’ll Discover:

Benefits of Consolidated Sleep:

Visualize the joy of witnessing your baby fall asleep peacefully, providing both of you the rest you desperately crave and need.

Safe Sleep Practices:

Lessen the worry each night as you learn the crucial safety measures that ensure your baby’s sleep is not just sound but secure.

Establishing a Routine:

Picture a daily routine that not only supports your baby’s sleep but carves precious moments for your own well-being.

Daytime Management:

Say goodbye to the struggle of managing daytime chaos, paving the way for naturally supported nighttime tranquility.

Sleep Needs:

Erase the uncertainty surrounding your baby’s sleep requirements as you gain insights to meet them in a nurturing and supportive way.

Wake Windows:

Master the art of recognizing and adjusting wake windows, unlocking the golden ticket to your baby’s unique sleep patterns.

Nap Transitions:

Navigate through the complexities of newborn and infant nap transitions with expert advice, turning sleep hurdles into stepping stones, for a healthy sleep foundation.

Troubleshooting Graphics:

Access graphics that support sleep education for your newborn and baby.

Educational Approach:

This educational journey dives into the science of infant sleep, arming you with the knowledge and tools to confidently support and enhance your baby’s sleep. The session concludes with sample routines. 

Real Results:

These are not just strategies; they are the exact methods Kayla Squier developed and used in her own home. By 3 months, her babies were sleeping through the night, bypassing the chaos of the 4 month sleep regression. l

Exclusive Access to FAQ:

Enroll now, and in addition to the masterclass, gain exclusive access to an FAQ section—providing extra support and answers to the burning questions that most parents question in the newborn stage when it comes to better nights sleep.

Empower Yourself:

Embrace the transformative power of understanding. Liberate yourself from sleepless nights and witness the amazing transformation your family can have while improving your baby’s sleep.

Happy Learning – Wishing You Serene Nights, Sweet Dreams, and Joyful Days! 🌙 
Enroll Now and Improve Sleep For Your Entire Family for Only $75 USD!

Learning Objectives

If you want to set up a healthy sleep foundation from the start (ideal for the first 4 months of life and also works beyond) this virtual session will be your starting point.
Learn all about the benefits of consolidated sleep, safe sleep practices, how to start establishing a routine, daytime management, sleep needs, wake windows (when to adjust), newborn and infant nap transitions.
In addition, you will have virtual access to my troubleshooting nap graphic, level of sleep cues, managing daytime feeds, managing nights, night wakings and more, all within the session.
This educational video is focused on the science of infant sleep and allows you to feel confident with the proper knowledge and tools to navigate improve your baby’s sleep.
At the end of the session you will see sample routines (with the help of mom/dad in bridging naps when needed).
These are the exact techniques I followed within my own home and by 3-4 months of age both my babies were sleeping through the night.
I hope you feel empowered in knowing how to navigate sleep for your baby in a supportive manner. Happy Learning and Sweet Dreams!

Target Audience

  • Expecting Parents
  • First Time Parents
  • Parents Of Newborns
  • Parents With Babies 0-4 Months Old


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Kayla Squier

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Student Feedback

16 Ratings

Reviews (16)

Being a first time parent comes with so many lists and unknowns. Following Kaylas guide and watching before our baby was even born gave us so much reassurance, confidence, and understanding that we can get through the newborn stage with her help including all of her resources! We now have a happy 3 month old who sleeps at least 10hrs a night with solid naps. 100% recommend Kayla and the bridge program!

This course was a great review for me with baby #3! It was a good reminder of how important it is to lay a good foundation and all the little things I may have forgotten since my last baby. Highly recommend. And Kayla was great with answering questions as well!

This video is a must for all expecting parents as well as parents expecting another for a refresher. Kayla provides so much information within this education video. We have watched it several times and each time we learn something new.

I took the bridge program with my first son starting when he was 3 months old. Having the foundation and understanding from working with Kayla before the Sleep Shaping course was a great refresher on newborns. My four week old is sleeping 6 hour stretches at night, which has been beyond amazing!!

This course has been such a game changer in our preparation for Baby #2. I had forgotten so much of what we did with our firstborn as a newborn, and this course provides an incredible amount of information, detail and guidance as you prepare for building strong sleep habits with your newborn. Our second baby has not made his debut yet, and watching this course prior to his arrival has given me much more confidence and reassurance thanks to the plans and tips Kayla provides. I am so grateful to Kayla for creating such an informative and helpful tool guide for parents, and I highly recommend her sleep shaping program to anyone who wants to build strong sleep habits from the start. Thank you Kayla!

This course is not just for first time parents! We purchased this course for our second child to try and be more prepared in the sleep department the second time around, and it has been so helpful with our two week old son. There is SO much information in this course from newborn all the way up to a few months old so we will be able to reference it for awhile. There are so many things we forgot about newborn sleep so it was a great refresher and also had so many tips we didn't know the first time around. I would highly recommend this course if you want to start good sleep habits from the beginning. With our first child we resorted to rocking and feeding to sleep for weeks and ended up having to sleep train (which we also did with Kayla and it was an AMAZING experience), but having the knowledge from this sleep shaping course might allow us to avoid some of the issues we had the first time around! 100% recommend this course!!

Not just for newborns! Not just for new parents!

This is my second baby, and I thought I would remember everything from the first but when I needed it, it was gone! I took this course when my babe was closer to 4 months and it was so so helpful as a reminder of what to do and how to build positive sleep habits. This is not just a newborn course! I valued all the information Kayla shares even as a second time mom. I have definitely walked away with a tool box full of strategies to help develop and strengthen my baby’s nap schedule and nighttime sleep.

Kayla’s sleep shaping course was an incredible resource for our newborn! It was full of useful information on how to help baby with independent sleep from day 1. I highly recommend this course to any expecting or new parents.

This lesson has such good tips on how to get my little one to sleep independently. I have a month old and already started implementing some tips and I can see a difference. Kayla was also very communicative in helping me navigate through the whole thing. Thank you so much!

Kaylas fundamentals of sleep shaping is a must for all new /expectant moms as well as parents expecting additional kids. I wish I knew all of this with my first - he was a horrible sleeper and we were stuck in a feed to sleep routine constantly. I never realized the importance of wake windows at all, or other ways to soothe/ help to sleep while having them in their own sleep space. Having this course is wonderful and has helped me to stay on track of wake windows for age and other wonderful tips and tools for sleep!

The sleep shaping program is incredibly informative. As a second time mom I l couldn’t believe the information I wish I knew with my first born. I learned so much regarding newborn sleep and how to set up my newborn in an optimal sleep environment. I learned about age appropriate wake windows and most importantly, the difference between stirring and actual waking up. This is a fantastic program

Absolutely love working with Kayla. She’s been super insightful in regards to my little one sleep. He’s 11 weeks tomorrow And sleep for ha in the beginning was rough. Its gotten way way better. There is so many tips, ideas she’s given me. Along with summarized schedules and encouragement!

I started off “going with the flow” for the first month or so, until by baby was needing motion for naps. Thankfully, Kayla and sleep shaping came to the rescue because I didn’t want to be at home rocking my car seat for naps down the road ! This product provided me with so much education. I didn’t even know what wake windows were. With all of the tips and new understanding my baby was sleeping 6-8 hour stretches around the two month mark. We breezed through the four month sleep regression without noting any change or concern. I will definitely be sleep shaping with my second child. I can honestly say, I was never tired in those first few months. Every new mom will get something out of this session. The virtual format is great to share with family members also.

Kayla's Sleep Shaping session is a MUST HAVE for all new parents. I would even recommend it to parents having additional little ones. This past year I had my third child. Kayla's virtual session taught me so many things about baby sleep that I didn't know/thinking of with my previous two children. Her video was easy to listen to and jam packed with so much information and helpful tips. One of the best features is that you can watch it multiple times or stop and start watching it if you get busy. This course will set you up with the foundation for a solid sleeping baby (which is what everyone dreams of). I found it really helpful how she included some suggestions for babies daily schedule as well as wake windows. I highly recommend this program as well as all her services.

Kayla’s sleep shaping course was incredibly helpful! With everything we learned our little one was sleeping throughout the night at 4 months! We are so grateful our little guy is getting consolidated sleep. Thanks so much Kayla!

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