Afraid sleep deprivation is taking an emotional toll and you’re desperate for your newborn to start sleeping better? 

You feel drained and constantly stuck in a loop of exhaustion, frustration, and worry. 

“No matter what I do, my newborn refuses to sleep, they are overtired, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Being sleep deprived is making it hard to care for my newborn and I feel like I’m losing my mind!”.  

“I wonder what I can do to help my newborn sleep longer stretches!?”. These questions are on your mind and you realize nights pass by and you’re still dealing with wake ups every 1-2 hours without longer stretches in sight!”. 

You have no idea why sleep is such a struggle, you try a new approach everyday, and yet you’re more exhausted than the day before. You know something has to change but you’re unsure what that needs to be!

Imagine if you could…

  • Replace your anxious and frustrated days with blissful relief 
  • Wake up feeling rested and confident to manage your days  
  • Wake up to a happy and rested baby, continuing to support their sleep needs

I am THRILLED to share with you that you can! 

You may think I had all the answers when it came to getting my newborn to sleep. Unfortunately not. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

When the sun went down and it was time for bed, nighttime became a nightmare

My newborn slept very short periods, he would wake every 45-60 minutes and this lasted all night. We didn’t see the 3-4 hour stretch newborns are capable of. 

The never ending and frequent wakings had me exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed! Everyday was filled with drain and dread, not the feelings I envisioned. 

I thought there MUST be something I could do better to help my newborn sleep and do so in a supportive way. He was far too young for any sleep training method and I wanted to form healthy sleep habits now, not wait for months.  

I started researching infant sleep and found sleep solutions that WORKED!

  • I realized the struggles of daytime sleep can wreak havoc on night sleep 
  • Found safe hacks to cue my newborn that sleep was approaching 
  • Understood how sequences can ease my newborn to fall asleep 
  • A powerful strategy to support my newborn to fall asleep and link sleep cycles 

It CHANGED THE GAME of sleep in our home. My son started to sleep longer stretches every few nights, meaning I could finally sleep longer than an hour! Over the next few weeks our 4-6 hour stretches of sleep turned into 7-9 hour stretches. 

Improving sleep for my newborn supported his developing brain and body, and helped boost my mood and mental health. It soothed my constant worry and frustration, leading into happy and joyful days of parenting

Once my son was 12 weeks old he slept 12 hours straight and it was absolutely life changing! Once he turned 7 months, I found out we were expecting our second and I knew I needed to use my sleep shaping strategies from the start. 

Both my babies had reflux but I was still able to use the tools I learned and have them both sleep through the night by 3 months (without sleep training). I was thrilled and knew my strategies could help many other families in the newborn stage!

It is my goal to enter the home of families worldwide to educate them on setting a healthy sleep foundation in the newborn stage. That we can be responsive, supportive, and see longer stretches of sleep. 

So…if you want to set a healthy sleep foundation from the start (ideal for the first 3 months of life) this virtual session will be your starting point.

Learn all about the benefits of consolidated sleep, safe sleep practices, how to start establishing a routine, daytime management, sleep needs, wake windows (when to adjust), newborn, and infant nap transitions. 

You’ll have virtual access to my troubleshooting nap graphic, level 1-3 sleep cues, managing daytime feeds, managing nights, responding to night wakings, and more! 

This educational video is focused on the science of infant sleep and allows you to feel confident with proper knowledge and tools to navigate and improve your newborn’s sleep. 

At the end of the session you’ll see sample routines (with the help of mom/dad to bridge naps as needed). 

These are the exact techniques I followed within my own home and by 3 months of age both my babies slept through the night.

I can’t wait for you to have a better understanding of your baby’s sleep needs and be empowered to navigate sleep for your baby in a supportive manner.

Happy Learning and Sweet Dreams!

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